Best Fashion Choices for Vertically Challenged Men and Women

  Tall people always have an advantage when it comes to clothing. They are adequately tall to fit perfectly into all kinds of fashion outfits. The same cannot be said about individuals who are not so tall. Because you are not taller than 5 inches, 6 feet does not mean you should not wear trendy stuff and look fashionable.  You too can wear the best and follow trends so that can stand and be counted. If you are a brief person in height and desire to look your best when you dress up, you will find the style cheat-sheet provided below to be a lifesaver.

For men

Whenever possible, do not forget to tuck in your shirt

Your height will never bother you if you make it a habit to always tuck in your shirt. When you tuck in your shirt into your selected bottoms, you can easily define your waist, and this will make your legs to look longer.

End all your bottoms at the ankle

It is not in fashion anymore for your trouser bottoms to gather around the sneakers.  Make sure that the bottoms are adequately cropped so that they end at the ankles; you can also push them an inch higher than the ankle if you so desire.  You can equally fold the bottoms if you do not want to crop them.

However, the folding must be done neatly.  Bear in mind that the ankle is the slimmer part of your leg. Exposing it will make you look taller so that your height will never bother you again anywhere you go.

Dark shade can do wonders

You can hide your brief state by wearing dark shades of clothes both as tops and as pants.  Dark shades can flatter your height a great deal and make you look tall. This is not to say all-bright prints are not also great, but you are better off with clothes bearing dark shades of color. Dark hues give both the upper and lower parts of your body an identity; this way both the halves will look taller than they are.

Long shirts are not helpful

You should try to avoid wearing long shirts because of your height.  When you want to wear shorts, make sure they are shorter than your knee length.  The long shirt will cover the main part of your legs and cause them to look shorter than they are.  It is either you wear only short –sleeved shorts or you crop the arm length of the shirt so that it can end just below your waist.

Your legs will look taller when you wear short shorts. You should, therefore, avoid wearing shirts that are too long so that they will not cover up your long-looking legs, which will cause you to look shorter. You can appear taller if you flaunt your calves more since the calves look slimmer than the tight.

Go for a heel when buying footwear

Wearing heels will help to make you look taller than you are. Look for footwear that has a minuscule heel for that highly desired taller looks. Do not go for converse shoes or espadrilles since they are just too flat. They look great in design but should be avoided by a short person.  You can go for heeled derby or oxford shoes if you need the right shoes for work.

For ladies

Short skirts and pointed shoes              

You can hide your short height as a lady by wearing short skirts; remember that a man can also make himself to look taller by wearing a short pair of shorts. As a lady, you can add shoes with pointed toes to your dress, and it will add a great deal to your height. Pointed-toe boots are also helpful.

Also, choose a pair of shoes that will match your clothes so that you can look chic aside from looking tall.  This fashion choice will equally make you look simple and beautiful at the same time. Anyone seeing you will pay more attention to the pointed-toe shoe and will rarely notice that you are not so tall; the shoes will cover up for you.  The short skirts will expose your thin straight legs, which will make you look taller than you are. Always avoid covering up those thin straight legs; they can always save the day.

Cropped fitted denim for a lady

As a lady with short stature, you are always better off with short denim. If the denim is not as short as you would desire, you can crop it or fold it up.  It is even better if the denim is the slim straight type; it will take the shape of your straight legs and make the legs to look longer than they are.

Cropped items may look counterintuitive, but it gives you an opportunity to flash your ankle cleverly. The ankle remains the thinnest part of the legs and flashing it can make you look tall.  However, the cropping should be a fitted cut and high-waisted so that it can have the desired effect on anyone that looks in your direction.

High-waisted trousers are also great

A petite woman must never forget to add high-waisted trousers to her wardrobe. They always save the day.  Good examples of high-waisted trousers you can buy are palazzo pants, jeans or a pair of vinyl trousers.  The trousers have a high rise that gives people the impression that your legs are longer than they are.  It can give this illusion by emphasizing your waist.

Tailor your pieces

Those who are vertically challenged may not find the right suits for them since the suits may look too long. However, they can still partake in latest fashion trends in suits by getting a tailored to resize the dress.


The above information can help you when making your dress choice if you are vertically challenged.  If you are in doubt about your fashions sense as a brief person, you can go for all blacks. You can never go wrong this way. Also, always restrict yourself to heeled footwear. If you are a lady, go for footwear with pointed toes to save the day.

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